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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nightmare on Cedar Springs

The following post is the first part of two, connecting with the post after this one. I had two dreams last night that provoke two separate stories.

Did you ever have a family member who owned a house that had a creepy wing or basement to it that seemed to always unsettle you when you went through it? I did, in fact there were two separate houses owned by people on my father’s side of the family that creeped me out, and both of them were in my dreams last night.
My grandparent’s basement was finished, but had many doors and took a long time to escape (if you were a little kid), running through the “L” shaped corridor. The basement was harmless when three or more of us were down there, but as soon as one of us left, the rest of us would run upstairs before the proverbial boogieman could get us. We imagined that the last person up the double set of stairs would be caught by invisible hands that would drag them back down into the dark corners of the basement. There was even a room that had a door leading to another room that you could barely fit in without ducking, which in turn led to another room that you had to duck to get into. That room lay under the front veranda and was meant for storage, but we all knew that was the entrance to some sinister and evil land where children go to die. I think that was also where all the socks went when they had a falling out with their other pair.
Anyway, I dreamt that I had to change a beer keg, because the taps in the kitchen blew. I think it was Guiness.
I went downstairs, knowing full well of my peril. Who’d have known that just one floor below the main one, gravity would lessen significantly. It made for a slower escape, should the ghouls and goblins try to get me.
I looked for the keg room. I opened every door along the corridor (except the one to the right, which you could see from the crack that the light was on. It was never on), but I couldn’t find the kegs. So I went back upstairs, but to get there one had to crawl through a space where all the vents and pipes were. This, obviously, wasn’t part of reality, and I might have guessed that. But still, I crawled through the space and went to the kitchen.
“I can’t find the keg room,” I said. They sent me back down again to look harder. I went down again, but there was no way in Narnia (which was probably close by, considering all the doors and portals to other rooms) that I would be spending much more time down there.
The place gave me the shivers. I could feel my veins pump blood that came from an oversensitive heart. I couldn’t see very well.
I went down the corridor once more, but by then I had had enough. I ran as fast as my anti-gravity feet would let me, back up the stairs as I tried again to crawl through the pipe and vent space. It was getting smaller. I had to try really hard to get through this time. But I made it!
No ghoul caught me, and I braved the basement on Cedar Springs all by myself. Twice.
My mother and grandfather were in the kitchen when I told them that there were ghosts down there. My grandfather just smiled and nodded like he was excited about it. That too freaked me out. What kind of person is okay with harbouring the undead in his basement? How does that not even phase him?
I wrote it off as a normal attribute of a man in his eighties. As creepy as it sounds, I just figured that as one gets closer to death one becomes much more accepting of it, and isn’t disturbed anymore by apparitions or spirits that dwell in the living world.
I woke up with a bit of a start, and got mad at my bed for placing me into such a situation.
The other house that gave me nightmares was my Aunt Min’s place, not far from my grandmothers. You’d appreciate the eclectic design of the place if you saw it, but it too had a basement with a long long long hallway that one needed to cross to reach. I know that this house was in my dream too, but only for a moment. Perhaps it was a precursor to what was to come.



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