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Sunday, August 03, 2008

American Outcast.

It was only a bad dream. But it was so real, yet so implausible. MY mother and I took a trip to the United States (something that actually happened recently), but their rules and regulations had become more strict since the last time. It was quite understandable since the world has gone down the toilet; what with the tidal waves threatening to ruin the cities, and with all the criminals loose. That's right, high tides and massive water canals poured through the city, breaking it apart faster than it could be repaired. I was almost caught in all the chaos too.
And then came the Sentinels. Those massively giant androids created to insure that no one was an illegal immigrant. They were much like the Sentinels from the X-Men comics, but I never actually got to see them in my dream. My mom had just warned me that they would be coming sometime around 4am that night, to scan for people that weren't American citizens. Since we were just visiting we had two choices: We could either stand out in the clear when they did their scans, and be forced to claim everything we had purchased thus far on our trip, or hide in a large drawer or cupboard where even though they would still see you with their scans, they were not legally allowed to acknowledge you or charge you with duty fees.
I opted to hide when I got the feeling they were approaching, and when I was in the cubby, lying down, without warning I felt an intense scanning beam on me. It was moving its hot rays along my body from head to toe. They knew I was there, and they were waiting for me; to cave and jump out or perhaps to change my mind so they could seize me for carrying US posessions. If I could just hold out a little longer from all the uncomfortable scans, and horror of it all...
They were gone.
I took a visit to the immigration office to get a look at all the people who didn't find shelter in time when the scanning began. They were dispondant and depressed. The citations that were placed on their record for not complying to the law would never be expunged, and they would forever be known as outcasts from the true citizens. They were now lessers; not-quite-US-material. Even if they one day wnated to become true American citizens, that mark on their record would prevent it.


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