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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Casino, The Blonde, and The Subconscious

July 10, 2007
I just woke up from a somewhat routine dream, where I was at a Casino after car jacking a black luxury sedan with some dude I never met. After seeing Noah win like, $400 at a poker table, I decided to look around and see if there was a game I could win. While dodging the semi-busy crowd, I bumped into a blonde girl, who asked to go head to head with me on one of the casino games. I didn't know how to play the one she pointed at, but thought 'why not'. As we went to exchange our money for casino tokens, we introduced ourselves. Well, I introduced myself; I called myself J.D. (Jared David). She didn't want to give her real name. I said, "well what should I call you?" She scanned her mind for names she liked and came up with a few.
"You could call me D.J., or Stephanie... or I suppose you could call me Michelle," she said. I liked the name Michelle, so I decided to call her by that name, even though I could tell she didn't like that one as much.
The dream ended only a few seconds later. I got up to go to the washroom, and as I did I began to recall the dream.
"Why would she not want to use her real name?" I thought to myself. "And why Stephanie, D.J., or Michelle? Besides... D.J. is an 80's name that made you think of that show Full House. Come to think of it Michelle was another name on... WAIT!!"
I suppose I should make something clear before I go any further. Until now I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that show and its characters. I never really liked the episodes, and watched other things when I could. And now, suddenly, my own mind decides to play a trick on me via my dreams. I wasn't even positive the last Full House girl was Stephanie until I Googled it.
So this brings up some interesting questions about the mind and subconscious:
How is it that information that is long forgotten is sometimes recalled in a dream? Does this mean that the subconscious mind can tap into the vast resourses of your brain; resourses unavailable to you during your conscious state? Well I suppose if I thought really hard about it, I could have come up with the three names.
But in the dream the blonde haired girl seemed to be thinking for only a second while she came up with those names, and at NO POINT in my dream did I clue in to where those names came from.
So perhaps it is like one of those Twilight Zone / Outer Limits episodes: We are not actually in control of our dreams. There is another entity that co-exists with us, that taps into our brains for information, and creates a scenario to live in for the six hours we sleep. Everytime it needs more information to fill the gaps, it scans your brain for familiar objects or instances, leaving you without control.
Maybe not... but it sure seems more plausible than my own mind pulling the wool over my eyes.
Perhaps that subconscious mind really does operate independantly from the waking mind. I don't know... An thoughts?