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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Is my mother okay?

So, I had a very intense dream last night. I went to bed after the new years eve party at Philthy's (see JAn 1st's entry) and I began to dream about the night. This time people I knew were getting crazy about the beads, and removing clothing for them. The next thing I knew I was drinking some fine scotch with B2, and a few other friends of mine. While drinking, I drew up a picture that for some reason or other I wanted to frame. I went to this place that takes pictures and turns them into ceramic 3D wall plaques. I was directed to this older couple who were free at the time. The man (in his late 50's) began to create the plaque from my image, while the lady (about the same age) began to talk to me. She then started giving me a back massage, and immediately I realized I was somewhere I didn't want to be. I looked around and realized I was in a hooker's circle that passes as a ceramic shop. I pushed the lady away, and said, "I just want my picture done." She tried to entice me, but I was in no mood for such things. Then a younger lady came to me (she looked like Alexis Bledel from Sin City and Gilmore Girls) and told me I should have let the older lady have fun with me.
Then my father came to me and told me my mother just passed away. He seemed to be holding in the pain, so he could tell me the news without looking weak. He said she was in (Cuba or Florida, I don't remember) and she was a victim of a mugging gone bad. I left the place immediately and began to well up. I started crying like mad. It felt so real. I went back inside, but my father had left. The hookers asked if I wanted their services, and I burst out at them in anger. "Can't you see, this is no time for such bullsh!t!"
I woke up crying, thinking it was all real. I called my mother to make sure she was fine, and when she picked up the phone, my heart began to calm down. Thank goodness it was just a dream. But it was so real... even after I woke up it felt like it really happened.


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