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Friday, January 27, 2006

Everyone Was In This One

I had this incredible dream. And you... and you...... and you were there too!

Seriously, everyone was in the dream I had last night! It was so full of images and ideas that I don't really know where to start. Prob'ly had something to do with the fact that I was hammered and very dizzy just before falling asleep. The dreams were actually quite mundane, so you may get bored.

The dream began with me back in college. For some reason Mars was in my science class. I already knew that I had graduated so I skipped the class, thinking Mars would too. She didn't skip, and I found myself waiting in the halls for a long time. I finally left, and later got a call from her telling me what I'd have to catch up on.

At one point in the dream I was at a liquidation shopping center out of town. I saw Olaf there, hanging out with Nicola. Because in real life I happened to have seen Nicola a lot in the past week, I pretended not to see them, later explaining that I didn't want to appear like I was stalking her. She said, "You can't be stalking me. You're not wearing a hoodie and hiding in a corner." Just then my cell phone rang. It was one of my friends, probably Bee. We were all supposed to meet up for a movie. I went into the movie expecting to find everyone there, but once again it was just Olaf and Nicola. During the movie my phone rang again. It was my mother. I didn't talk too loud, but it didn't matter since everyone in the theatre was talking anyway. After hanging up, the phone rang again. This time it was Dave Promo. I don't know what he was telling me, but I left the theatre.

Outside, everyone was waiting. Brad, Olaf (again), Farhan, Bee, Ashlee (for some reason), D-Train, Noah, and so many more. I decided to take a stroll with Ashlee to a hotdog stand. Apparently she puts everything on her hotdog (I'm not insinuating anything). I then went back to my apartment, which for some reason was a condo in a ritzy building, and the only way to enter it is from underground. The underground entrance looks like a bus shelter with stairs going down. The glass surrounding the stairs had pictures drawn on it with pastels. There was a blind man inside asking for $2 to help children who can't afford an education. I gave him some money, and then he asked me to draw a picture on the glass. For some reason I saw a horse (from a mounted police officer) facing me through the glass, so I drew that. I went downstairs, and then woke up with a splitting headache!


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