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Monday, December 26, 2005

The Mutant Ninja

December 24, 2005

I dreamed I was an expert ninja, dressed all in red. I was in this facility where they test serums on humans, and subject them to different experiments. I believe I was there to rescue someone close, like a brother of mine. They spotted me and quickly called security. Men with Uzi’s came barging in from all angles, but I was too quick for them. I grabbed one of the patients and dropped to the floor, as bullets flew by. I then used one of the charging security men as a human shield, preventing the bullets from hitting us. I then flashed to the side, quicker than any could see. With extreme agility I knocked out all of the guards, sending them to sleep. One of the scientists: a black man with a crew cut and a lab coat was watching the entire spectacle. I drew near him and turned around to see if any other guards were nearby. The scientist took that opportunity to stab me with a syringe filled with knockout juice. I took a swipe at his face with apparent claws of mine. He had two gashes: one on his chin and the other on his left cheek. I soon felt very complacent, but I was too strong to be put to sleep. I then watched as the scientist placed another syringe into my hand. This serum felt very different as it coursed through my veins. I suddenly felt stronger, and more agile. I became a little more animalistic as I could hear my heart rate, and my thoughts became more simple-minded. The scientist had transformed me into one of their beasts to control.

The room had changed slightly. See-through walls of various colour had lifted from the floor, with only small square openings to get through. The scientist was still behind me, but others were now watching from afar. The scientist asked me to go through the opening in the wall. When I refused he pressed a button on a contraption in his hand. It sent pulses to a surgically inserted chip in my hand, which caused me to grow weak. I felt like I was harmless; like Superman in the presence of Kryptonite. I couldn’t even make it through the opening to get away from the pulsing. I could feel it in my hand, but it resonated throughout my body. When the scientist turned of the mechanism he explained that their new creation (namely, me) was in their complete control. I was now their puppet, and would perform tasks that I once would never do.

They put me in training immediately by asking me to assassinate an individual. I soon set out to a nearby structure (within their training facility) to look for my target. I somehow had the precognition as to where he was. As I leapt from building to building I had the sense that I could not go through with my task. I crawled in through a window and ran up a long flight of stairs. It was there I saw this Asian girl wearing a casual dress. She seemed to be minding her own business when suddenly she was tagged in the back with a sticker that resembled a small ‘X’. The sticker seemed to be placed there by an invisible apparition who would scan the world for the facilities’ next target. Upon seeing this event, I somehow knew what would soon follow. The scientists would send a squad of mercenaries to collect the new patient, and take her back to be transformed into their newest creation. I couldn’t let that happen. I quickly ran to her and told her, “I need you to trust me, there is no time to explain.” I grabbed the sticker from her back and attempted to throw it away. I heard the Mercs nearby as they shouted, “the target is in here.” I needed to find another target quickly, before they entered the room. I placed it on myself just as they barged in. The head mercenary was familiar. He looked like a typical (John Travolta from "Broken Arrow," or Michael Ironside from "Total Recall") bad-guy Merc leader who thinks he’s the sh!t. He was slowly pacing the area, assessing the situation in his head. He smiled, as he cleverly put the scenario together. He began to shake his head while *Tsk! Tsk!*ing me. He knew who I was, as I was their newest and hottest commodity. “Now, I expected so much more from you,” he said. I played dumb. He quickly pieced together that I removed the sticker from the girl and placed it on my own back so that they wouldn’t take her away. I protested, but the girl quieted me by placing her hand on my shoulder. “No,” she said in a sacrificing tone, “there is nothing you can do for me now. It is my time to go.” She was talking as if she knew what had just happened to her. She was somehow resigned to the fact that it was not her choice to leave with them. The Merc leader smiled as the others escorted the girl away. I looked down in shame.
“You look a little confused, soldier,” the Merc said to me. “Maybe you need a little more serum,” he said as he pulled out a small tube of opaque yellow liquid.
“No! It isn’t necessary,” I retorted.
“Then stop meddling in other affairs and complete the task you were assigned!”
“I… I will comply,” I said, so as not to inform his of any conscience that was returning. He didn’t buy it. He informed one of the scientists by radio that I would need some more basic training. The exercise was over, and I was to be returned to the main facility to be re-drugged.

Back at the facility, I would soon be re-examined. I knew I had to escape, and fast! The building was designed like a school, with many classrooms filled with their drones. I bolted into one room that had an alternate exit. The exit led to a stairwell that would take me either to the roof or the ground. One of the students (a very young individual who had also been experimented on) caught me sneaking around. The child said, “If you are going to leave, go now. There is little time before they come back.” I nodded and ran for the stairwell. I had another precognition that more Mercs were headed my way. I knew it would be easy to go to the roof, but I would be cornered in the end. I ran for the ground. Exiting the building I noticed that the complex was in the middle of a large base-camp in the woods. I would need to reach the perimeter to escape. I ran at incredible speeds like a beast on all fours. I used both my hands and feet as I ran like a ferocious beast. I was so fast that I could only be seen as a blur-streak on the grassland. People were becoming aware of my escape, and the Mercs were somehow closing in on me. My primal instincts dominated me as my vision became tunnelled. Everything looked grey in hue, but any warm-blooded creature nearby was lit up like a red light. I made it to what looked like a residential house in a small patch of trees. I could see in the window that the television was on, but no one was home. A jeep drove up through a path in the trees, so I hid up against the wall of the house. The man exited the jeep. It was the black scientist, but he now had white bandages covering his chin and cheek. To escape I would need to get around him. He took one step, and stopped to look around. He became aware of something he did not originally recognize. He heard the Mercs in the distance, and somehow knew I was nearby. He went to reach into his pocket for what I knew would be that contraption that enfeebled me. I realized it was now or never! In one fluid motion, I cornered the wall of the house and darted right toward him. He was scared. He froze up. I ran right past him and into the next clearing. Time was running out. I could see the tree line in the distance. If I could just make it into the trees I would be safe. And there it was. I could feel the pulsing of the scientist’s contraption, resonating throughout my body. I was slowing down. My instincts told me to keep pressing on, as the tree line was very close. The Merc leader was just behind me, as was the scientist and various other recognizable faces. They tried what they could to bring me back, but they were too late. I had reached the trees and found my freedom. Twisting and turning in the foggy brush, I escaped my captives.

I woke up on the couch with my heart pounding.